Havana Trumps Washington

[Assistant Secretary of State] Jacobson also noted that the Universal Declaration on Human Rights requires governments to recognize their citizens’ right to travel freely, a right “that we have certainly long sought for Cuban citizens along with all others in the world.”
“So it is a good thing that it is being announced, that some of the restrictions on Cubans to travel hopefully will be reduced, if not done away with,” she added.
                 Miami Herald, 10/20/12
For sure, and doesn't that apply to Americans as well?
There is no right to travel freely when our citizens are denied for explicitly political reasons the right to travel to Cuba.
Secretary Jacobson's October statement was linked two months later to a comprehensive analysis of implications of Cuba's liberalization of travel by Mimi Whitfield published on Friday by the Miami Herald.
Two implications she did not note::
1) It is long past time for the US to suspend or repeal the Cuban Adjustment Act.  Cubans who claim political asylum must meet the same case by case requirements as other nationalities. 
In the interim Cubans who enter with a legal visa must be deemed ineligible to claim permanent residence. That will make it easier for the US consulate to grant visas for family reunions and for undergraduate or graduate study and high school exchanges.
2) Cuba now provides greater freedom of travel to virtually all of its citizens than does the US. Our version of the expensive and bureaucratic white card is the expensive and bureaucratic people to people license restricted to group travel.
When will the President have confidence in us and grant to all non tourist purposeful travelers the same general license he granted to Cuban Americans, universities and religious organizations?
John McAuliff
Fund for Reconciliation and Development