The BitTorrent Now Streaming Service Not Shutting Down

A month ago, we got to know that technology firm of peer-to-peer file sharing i.e., BitTorrent was shutting its currently streaming service down and its LA studio and also their CEO has been fired. All of a sudden, the corporate company again has come up and said that BitTorrent not going to shut their streaming service down.

There is a confirmation that Robert Delamar, the CEO has affected on. However, they mentioned that the studio of Los Angeles will be no more. After saying all these things, they didn’t cite the explanations behind the strategy.

bittorrent streaming shutting down

However, a report last week claimed that the corporate is move the service down, and has even removed CEO’s Jeremy Johnson and Robert Delamar, in the main due to the ‘out of control’ disbursal on the new service.

In an attempt to steer clear in the piracy tag, BitTorrent started its program of music and pictures streaming called BitTorrent for iOS and Android users in June. The firm was reported to be the sum of money being invested in BitTorrent was said to be burning enormous holes in the business’s pockets, and in a little chaos.

BitTorrent has just supported the dismissal of among its CEO and the shutting down of its LA office and has decided to stay silent on the reasoning behind these developments. The firm has so far not commented on any monetary problems the start of BitTorrent may have caused.

BitTorrent added though it failed to elaborate on the reasons behind the move, it’s really shut down its Los Angeles creation studio at the same time.

The program features recommendations for video and curated music from independent musicians while offering free, advertising-supported, in addition to paid content that can be streamed as well as saved for later.

The firm also told the publication the La studio was really shut down, a move that may presumably be credited to compensate for the spending that was unneeded.