About the Havana Note

The Havana Note - founded in 2007 by Steve Clemons as a spin-off of his own long-running blog on domestic and foreign policy, The Washington Note - is a group blog covering the social, cultural, political, military and economic dimensions of US-Cuba relations. The US-Cuba field has one big dividing line down the middle making it nearly oxymoronic to talk about "US-Cuba relations" -- except as a relationship where two parties closely related historically, culturally, and geographically nonetheless have archaic, Cold War-fashioned rules of engagement – essentially non-engagement – with each other.

This site provides researchers and journalists who travel to Cuba an outlet to disseminate information and perspectives learned while there, at the same time providing the interested public with informed and incisive analysis about events in Cuba and the United States that shape the bilateral relationship. The Havana Note seeks to promote a diversity of ideas, with one principle uniting them all: that the decades-old U.S. policy toward Cuba has failed to serve either the interests of the American or the Cuban people, and that those interests would be better served with broad engagement across all levels of our societies.

The Havana Note is a sponsored project of The Center for International Policy.

Anya Landau French serves as the editor of The Havana Note. If you’d like to contact the editor, please send an email to anya@thehavananote.com.