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MyBKExperience Survey

Have you recently purchased a meal from Burger King? Did the staff’s service and food quality meet your expectations? Are there changes you would recommend? Luckily, you can air your grievances and offer your compliments to BK through the myBKexperience feedback survey.

Even better, you stand a chance to win a Burger King Whopper or an entry to the monthly cash draw in exchange for your opinion. Read on to discover the eligibility criteria and the process for participating in the Burger King feedback survey.

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Burger King is a powerhouse among many food outlets. To keep track of the customer experience, the company has put in place a survey system. The Burger King customer satisfaction survey provides you with a chance to rate the quality of the services you receive. The short, three-minute survey asks you to rate different things, which will help the company figure out what changes need to be made.

To participate in the Burger King survey, you will require:

  • A burger king receipt
  • Good network connection
  • A phone/ computer

Steps to do MyBKExperience Survey

  • Step 1: Visit the website on your browser
  • Step 2: Enter the five-digit restaurant code indicated below the Burger King logo on your receipt
  • Step 3: Key in the date and time of your visit as indicated on the receipt
  • Step 4: Enter the survey code which is indicated on your receipt
  • Step 5: Accept the terms and conditions of the survey
  • Step 6: Answer the provided questions honestly and submit your feedback
  • Step 7: Get a coupon code

When taking the survey, you will be asked about:

  • The food quality and quantity
  • Your satisfaction with the services you were afforded
  • The tidiness of the premises
  • The frequency of your visits
  • The duration is taken to get your order
  • Prices for various commodities
  • Friendliness/ hostility of the staff
  • Accuracy of the order placed

It is vital to note that a BK receipt is only valid for the first thirty days after purchase. The mybkexperience survey has a limit point of one receipt per day, where you can redeem each receipt once.

 Additionally, the survey is available in English, French, and Spanish. While the default language is English, you can select your preferred language from the settings tab. – Burger King Survey Rewards

The Burger King coupon code qualifies you for a reward coupon or an entry to the Burger King monthly draw. You can redeem reward coupons at any BK outlet for a Burger King whopper or an original chicken sandwich. Alternatively, a coupon may qualify you for a monthly draw. The monthly sweepstakes range between $1000 and $3000.

BK will provide you with a coupon code to be redeemed at your preferred BK outlet upon completing the survey. You can also get free Burger King Whopper burgers for doing the survey.

MyBKExperience Survey Requirements

To qualify for the burger king experience survey, you must:

  • Be a legal resident of the USA
  • Be at least 18 years old

It is also vital to note that:

  • You can only use a receipt for one entry
  • It is prohibited to transfer your price
  • Employees of Burger King cannot take part in the customer experience survey
  • You can only redeem one voucher at a time
  • The survey is only available in selected months

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Frequently Asked Questions at

How can I take part in the MyBKExperience survey if I’m not a resident of the USA?

To take part in the My Burger King Experience survey from outside the USA, visit the Burger King site dedicated to your region. Residents of the UK can access the competition through or

Can I enter my BK experience survey more than once?

Yes. Each receipt gets you an entry into the BK experience survey. However, you can only redeem each receipt once. As such, a higher number of purchases will secure you a higher number of entries into the draw. You should also note that the receipts have a thirty-day validity period after the purchase has been initiated.

Is it possible to replace your reward with something else?

You can trade in your BK experience survey reward for something else, as long as the price is within the range given.

What is a Burger King survey code?

A Burger King survey code is the digit indicated at the bottom of your Burger King receipt. The code is a requirement when accessing the survey as it authenticates your purchase.

What is a Burger King voucher?

A Burger King voucher is a code comprising two letters and five numbers. The code is awarded after completing the survey and should be recorded on your receipt. The BK coupon can be used to buy either a Whopper or an original chicken sandwich. Alternatively, you can use the voucher to get another item in the same price range as your purchase.

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